Bedroom of Your Dream
How to get rid of visual noise in the most intimate room and turn the bedroom into an oasis of rest and serenity.
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I don't know about you, but when I hear the word “cozy” I think of a soft bed with a bunch of pillows, waiting for someone to come in, lie down, wrap themselves in a blanket, settle down with a cup of hot cocoa, and read an interesting book. Does it seem like I'm describing a bedroom? Actually, yes. After all, to me, the bedroom is a kingdom of coziness and relaxation, an anti-stress place. The most intimate room in the apartment, a true center of Leisure Management!
I suggest we talk about how to make the bedroom perform its main function to help you recover and recharge your energy.
5 Questions to Ask Yourself
Don't think I'm trying to bore you, but before we start transforming your bedroom, I suggest you answer yes or no to five important questions to diagnose the situation.

  1. Is there a chair in your bedroom with a mountain of clothes piled on it?
  2. When guests come over, do you close your bedroom door so no one can see what a mess it is?
  3. Do you like the way your bed looks?
  4. Be honest. Are you sometimes scared to look under it?
  5. Do you get up in the middle of the night and trip over things scattered on the floor?
Now let's summarize this mini-test. If at least one of the five answers was “yes” then your bedroom needs a serious transformation.
Clea-style Bedroom
A Clea style bedroom is not just the coziest and most intimate room in the house. It should definitely be filled with cute and stylish textile items. I love home textiles!

Curtains, bedsheets, decorative pillows, and rugs should match each other in style and please everyone in the bedroom. I will tell you how to choose and store home textiles at the end of the article, meanwhile I'll share the important things.

The main thing to do right now is to choose the perfect bedspread, you're probably thinking; “What? Really? There are bigger problems than a bedspread!” Yes, that's right, but it's the best decision to start by choosing a bedspread. I suggest that you pay a lot of attention to this process and take it seriously.

Do you know why? It's simple, the bed is the most significant part of a bedroom. It usually takes up most of the space and stands in the very center of a room, as a matter of fact, a bedspread is the first thing that catches your eye and creates the image of the entire room. This means that you need to choose a bedspread just as carefully as a prom dress or a wedding suit.

A good bedspread is worth the expense or even saving money for it. A bedspread should be a joy, it should be beautiful, of high quality and make you want to make your bed soon. Trust me, it can totally change the look of an entire room!
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What to Get Rid Of in a Bedroom
Do you remember when we mentioned the main function of the bedroom is to help you relax and unwind? So, there shouldn't be anything that can interfere with that. Here are a few items that, if possible, it is better to move to another room (or get rid of):

I'm not a doctor, but I know for sure that the habit of watching TV in the bedroom before going to bed is a terrible habit that negatively affects your condition. How? Well… Flickering in the dark ruins your eyesight, the uncomfortable position in which you watch TV can cause back pain, and the flow of information pouring from the screen interferes with a restful sleep. It is best to remove the TV from your bedroom, and you'll see how much easier it becomes to fall asleep and most importantly, to sleep well!

Work Space
As well as your laptop, documents, and anything that reminds you of work. How can you desire sleep if you're looking at things that remind you of what you haven't done or have to do? Please consider moving the work area to a different location. If that's not possible, hide the work area with a shelving unit.

The Chair No One Sits On
Practice shows that in due time, a lonely chair turns into a depository for clothes that are supposed to be in the laundry instead. It's so convenient, isn't it? This convenience is only temporary, think of how much time it takes to dig out what you need from the pile, and don’t get me started on how clothes get crumpled when you store them that way.
It's not that hard to break the habit, just take the chair out of the bedroom. Do it.

Another thing that might not be helping you to rest, simply by its purpose, is exercise equipment in the bedroom. It often suffers the same fate as chairs, from long inactivity they turn into a place where a pile of clothes accumulates.

Home Appliances
…and other items that don't belong in the bedroom. Look around you, think about what else doesn't fit into the concept of a relaxing oasis. Our goal is to leave a minimum of furniture, decor, and other items to reduce the impact of visual noise and “soothe” the bedroom interior.
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How to Choose and Store Home Textiles
If you don't have a special closet or dresser, make room for it in one of your closets. This can be several shelves where you will store linens, towels, curtains, tablecloths, and other home textiles.

  • Follow the basic rule when you choose textiles for the bedroom; fabrics should be natural, high-quality, pleasant and in discreet shades.

  • When buying bed linen or towels, give preference to monochrome colors. Choose 2-3 favorite colors and always buy only those colors, this way you will not have mixed sets and all items will match each other.

  • Before you stack textiles, sort things into categories; towels with towels, linens with linens. Keep these categories separate, so you always know where to find them.

  • For things like elastic band sheets or kitchen towels, you can use decorative baskets. They allow you to create clear extra sections in your closet, optimize space, and keep things organized.

  • Stack all sheets, duvet covers, and towels equally. Remember the rectangles we talked about in the closet article? That principle works here too, that way your closet will be tidier and more comfortable.

Oh, yes! An elastic band sheet! Gosh, can it really be folded neatly? Yes, it can. Properly folding a sheet like this is not as difficult as it seems. It's best to do it on a flat surface, but you can do without one as well. Here is a video that shows in detail how to fold not only an elastic band sheet, but also other bedsheets:

That's it! As you can see, organizing your bedroom isn't that difficult if you follow the simple rules.

Have a good night's sleep:)
Your Clea.

Your personal clean-up coach
Clea N.