Kitchen Inventory
Checklist for preparing to clean up the kitchen
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Let me let you in on a secret, there's no point in starting to tidy up the kitchen if you don't do some preliminary uncluttering. I've prepared a handy checklist for you so that you can use it to prepare for the cleaning up. Use it as a cheat sheet, so you don't forget anything.
What’s needed in the kitchen: For cooking
  • Three knives; a chef's knife, a fruit knife and a serrated knife.
  • Two cutting boards; one for vegetables and one for meat.

Tip: Choose boards made of wood, they are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones and can decorate any kitchen.
  • A grater or rather two, one small and one large
  • Vegetable peeler
  • A bottle opener and a corkscrew.
  • A strainer

Tip: Choose a sturdy colander of large capacity that can be used not only for pasta, but also for washing vegetables.
  • A pair of wooden spatulas
  • A whisk
  • A medium 5-7 liter saucepan with a lid
  • A large 14-liter saucepan with a lid
  • 2 to 3 pans of different widths

Tip: Don't skimp on frying pans, choose quality models with a non-stick coating and a thick bottom. Trust me, you'll thank me more than once when you realize how long they last. Just please don't use metal spatulas and don't pour water in the pan while it's hot.
  • A cast iron or thick-bottomed sauté pan for stewing
  • A set of measuring cups for liquids and solids
  • Three different-sized bowls for mixing ingredients, kneading dough and making salads
  • Shallow baking tray
  • High rimmed baking tray
  • Baking tray
  • Consumables: cling film, foil, baking paper (which can be used to wrap food and put it in the freezer).
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What’s needed in the kitchen: For serving
  • For each person living in the apartment — two wide and medium flat plates, two bowls for soup, two glass cups, one regular cup, one set of cutlery.
  • For guests, four to six similar sets, depending on how many guests you usually host at one time.
  • 2-3 large beautiful plates for appetizers
  • 2-3 salad bowls of different sizes
  • A set of cotton napkins and a tablecloth
  • A set of wine glasses, and glasses for other drinks that you usually serve when guests arrive
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What’s needed in the kitchen: Essentials
  • Pair of oven mitts
  • 4-6 cotton or linen kitchen towels
  • Food storage containers of various sizes
  • Blender or food processor
  • Coffee maker
  • Kettle
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What to get rid off
Expired foods.
If you throw away spoiled foods from the fridge regularly, I'm sure things are not so optimistic with condiments, preserves, and spices. Please keep in mind that bulk foods have an expiration date as well. Check all pasta, cereal, canned goods, and spices, ruthlessly throw out those whose expiration date is over the line. You'll save space and your health.

Excess utensils.
In my experience, almost every kitchen has far more utensils than the occupants of the home needs. Look at the first part of the checklist, that's precisely how many utensils you need. I know, I know, dishes can last forever, as long as they don't break, but the truth is dinnerware, just like other things, can get old, boring, and out of style.

  • Pick one versatile set that you like, give the rest to those in need or throw it away.
  • I recommend betting on white solid-colored tableware. It always looks stylish and goes with any decor element.

Unnecessary kitchen appliances.
Tell me, do you honestly use that steamer that takes up half the kitchen cabinet? If you take a look, you surely have a toaster, waffle maker, or bread maker in your pantry that's been idle for years. My advice; free yourself and your kitchen from their presence, sell them at a thrift store or give them to good hands and forget about them.

Unloved gifts.
Even expensive gifts don't always become favorites, and that's okay. The taste of the third cousin’s aunt who gave you a set of pots and pans doesn't have to be the same as yours. Kitchen space is too valuable to occupy with unnecessary and ugly things.

That's it. Have a successful inventory!
Your Clea.
Your personal clean-up coach
Clea N.