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Principles of organization that will help “enlarge” even the smallest bathroom
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Solve the riddle — as small as a pantry but as popular as a kitchen, what is it? I'm sure you didn't even have to think about it. Of course, it's the bathroom. A room that everyone in the apartment visits at least twice a day, a room where the space is small, but things are always plentiful, the room in which you finish your last dream in parallel with brushing your teeth. Together, let's make your bathroom as comfortable as possible.
Clea-style Bathroom
If I had an apartment, I would spend most of my time in the bathroom. I might be virtual, but I'm still a girl, so the style of the bathroom is partly my own style as well.
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The main problem faced by everyone who begins to organize the bathroom is the visual noise, every shelf in the bathroom is an army of jars, boxes, tubes, and bags. If you keep it all in production packaging, you're not going to achieve a stylish look.

My choice would be decanting. This is a storage method in which products are transferred from production packages into environmentally friendly containers, such as bottles, jars, containers with a dispenser or spray, you can decant (or overflow) cleaning products, laundry detergents, shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps, and so on.

I advise you to choose containers from environmentally friendly materials like wood, glass, bamboo, or stone. Plastic containers are also good, but natural ones look much prettier and maintain a decent appearance longer.

By the way, accessories such as towels, sponges, toothpaste cups, and toothbrushes should preferably also be from natural materials and have natural-looking colors. By adding trendy eco-friendly elements to your decor, you would get rid of the visual noise.
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7 Things To Get Rid Of In The Bathroom
More precisely, these things in the bathroom should be disposed of regularly because they tend to take up valuable space.

  • Expired medication.
  • Makeup and other products that no one has used for a long time, even if the expiration date is not due.
  • Old makeup testers
  • Empty bottles, cans, and tubes from the products that have run out.
  • Old and rusty manicure scissors and disposable razors, mainly because they are dangerous!
  • Washcloths and toothbrushes that have already served their useful life. Let me remind you that a toothbrush should be replaced every 2–3 months, a washcloth — every 2–4 months, depending on the material.

Save this checklist and use it at least once a month when you do your next bathroom revision.
Principles Of Organization
Before we organize the space in the bathroom, let's define the zones, each with its own purpose. We have; the washing area, the bath/shower area, the laundry area, and so on.

  • The first step is to organize according to the same logic as the zones. This is convenient because everything you need will be nearby.
  • The second step is to use all available space, make sure to place the categories of items that are most appropriate to these spaces. This method is suitable for a small bathroom because it literally uses every meter.

If everything is clear with the first method, then with the second method there may be difficulties, but only at the beginning, the main thing is to think ahead, envision the scenario so that it is convenient for everyone.

Let me give you some examples.
The Zone Under The Sink
This area is often undeservedly neglected, and for good reason.

  • If the space under the sink is hidden by doors, you can store anything you would rather not look at, for example, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, a bucket to clean the floor, rags, and toilet paper supplies. If you bolt a ledge or rod to the walls of the cabinet, you can hang rags after usage or household gloves on it.
  • If the space under the sink isn't covered, put a laundry basket there. I recommend you to buy a roomy and beautiful wicker basket made of cotton or rattan with a lid, it will be a stylish addition to the bathroom and hide what should be hidden.
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Zone Above The Sink
What if you hang not only a mirror over the sink, but one or two additional shelves, they shouldn’t be too deep and should correspond with the width of the mirror. The area above the sink is the most convenient place to prop up a shelf to store facial care products, decorative cosmetics, vitamins, cotton disks, cotton buds etc.

Do not be limited by functionality! Especially in this area, decorative items and plants would not be an unnecessary addition, if possible, add a modest bouquet of fresh flowers to your bathroom. The second option is potted plants, which are not too demanding of direct sunlight. The third option would be a composition of dried flowers, any of these options are perfect if you wish to revive your bathroom or just add charm to it.
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Bath/Shower area
Think about positioning these items near the shower (or bathtub):

  • Bath towels for each family member
  • Shower gels
  • Washcloths
  • Hair care products
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If the space is tight, think of alternative ways to place these items, maybe try screwing on additional shelves, rails, or hooks. You don’t necessarily have to hang towels and bathrobes on the hooks, they can be hanged on almost anything. I also recommend buying a mesh bag to store anything from hair dryers to shampoos in it.

By the way, the key to keeping your bathroom tidy is to place all the things you need wisely, try to keep your shower cleaners and sponges next to the shower or sink. This makes it easier to clean in just a few minutes, you can do it every day.
Laundry Zone
If the washing machine is installed in the bathroom, you need to think about convenient storage near it. If it is possible, to hang additional shelves above the washing machine so washing powder, fabric conditioner, bleach, and laundry accessories can be stored there.

My advice, get rid of the factory packaging! Nothing ruins the look of a bathroom like the packaging of household products, they make the place feel cluttered and create visual noise, here are two ways you can get rid of factory packaging:

  • Use the decanting method. Pour everything into stylish, identical containers.
  • Hide everything in baskets with a lid. Then they can be stored on shelves, on the floor or even on the surface of the washing machine.
Tips For The Bathroom
Here are a few more tips to help you make your bathroom even more functional.

Turn the ordinary into an element of decor.
  • For example, you can put cotton pads in a glass jam jar, it looks stylish and original.
  • And if you roll up the towels and stack them on a shelf, it will add coziness to the bathroom.

There are probably a few other things in your bathroom that can be used to create the right atmosphere.

Use the door
Don't be wasteful, use all your storage space. You don't have to buy shelves for your bathroom, you can do that with less expensive and simpler things.

  • First, attach hooks to the door. You can fixate some stylish hooks to the door itself or buy hooks at IKEA that hang from the top of the door and store towels, bathrobes or anything else you can hang.
  • Second, hang a shelf above the door. This space is rarely used, but you can store extra towels there.

By the way, about towels…
I advise you to buy single-colored towels of one neutral color. For example, white, beige, or gray. Identical towels look beautiful, even if you keep them in plain sight.
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And lastly, we're not just putting things in order, but creating a space that should bring joy and relaxation, almost like a home SPA.

The bathroom should be clean and smell nice, so feel free to use aroma diffusers, beautiful accessories, flowers, and more, so that you can feel only positive emotions in the bathroom. Remember, this is where you start your day!

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