Regularity is the key to success
Why it is important to act and not to stop to achieve a goal
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It often happens that a person sets a goal to put order in the house or organize their space, but when he faces the first difficulty he puts his hands down and waits for inspiration to continue. Today we will talk about why you shouldn't take big breaks on the way to achieving your goal, but rather rely on discipline.
Main Misconception
Often people think that you need a certain emotional state to achieve a goal. Some people wait for inspiration, others wait for the “right attitude” while others struggle to motivate themselves, but this is the biggest misconception that prevents people from achieving their goals.
In order for things to work out for sure, you need to separate activity from emotions and feelings and realize one important thing:

Once you exercise patience and discipline, your internal autopilot will kick in and everything will begin to happen with almost no effort on your part! When the system is up and running, you will thank yourself and your discipline.
How To Become A Champion
I’d like to compare my program for getting your home and life in order to sports, there is a goal, daily standards and several levels of training.

Just like in sports, you cannot move exclusively on motivation, and otherwise there is a risk of quitting everything and never knowing how your life could have changed.
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In the late 1960s, the phrase “stability is a sign of mastery” appeared in Soviet sports circles. This phrase reflected perfectly the attitude of Soviet people to sports and healthy lifestyles. Future champions understood that success is achieved slowly but surely when you move towards your goal, climbing the pedestal of your own success gradually, without fuss, step by step.
In other words, if you want to run fast, swim well, or do 100 pull-ups on the bar, you can do it only with hard, regular, and systematic training.

Do you want to implement a system that will help you keep your home and life in order easily, persistently, regularly, and systematically? Here are some steps that will help you.
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Yes, there can be difficulties in the process, sometimes it can feel like it's useless or
you may feel it's too hard for you, but trust me, if skills were given to people easily, quickly and effortlessly, they would disappear just as easily.

Remember how hard it was to learn to ride a bicycle as a child, how reluctant you were to get used to brushing your teeth twice a day, or how unrealistic it seemed to learn how to cook a meal? I'm convinced that almost all the activities that were introduced into your life through “pain” have become habitual or even some of your favorites.
What To Do If There Is A Break?
The main thing to do is to accept it as a part of the process, by no means blame yourself or regret the time that you spent.

Even champions have moments of weakness, if you have to take a break, that means you need it. Take a break, even if it’s for a moment, catch your breath and proceed with new strength.
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When you are done blaming yourself for this little moment of “weakness”, start to act on the plan, don't try to catch up quickly, move carefully, in small steps, give yourself time to rest and adapt and only when you get into it and feel the magic of small steps, pick up your comfortable speed.
Remember that I believe in you and your strength.

Good luck!
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