Omnipotent order
Several scientific studies show how order in the house affects other spheres of life.
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Whether we like it or not, the space around us is the environment in which our thoughts, goals, achievements, or failures are born and live. Clutter in the house brings chaos to other spheres of life, but a neat and properly organized space will help you to put things in order and free your head for the right thoughts.

In this article, I will introduce studies that scientifically prove that order in the house is not only the “face of the hostess”, but also a way to improve your life and become a little happier.
Brain work
Our brain is an aesthete! It likes when we are surrounded by an environment that is pleasing to the eye, if an environment is messy, it depletes the brain’s cognitive resources like any other highly annoying factor. This fact is also confirmed by American neuroscientists who found out (using MRI) that a person processes information much better if there are no scattered papers, unpaired socks, and lemonade bottles in the field of view.

Here is a study by the University of Navarre (Spain) → confirming that the order in the house helps us think more clearly. The volunteers, who participated in the experiment, made more data entry errors when they were in a cluttered environment than participants who did the same work in a clean environment.
Concentration and attention
Clutter and chaos subject us to distraction. Fumio Sasaki, author of “Goodbye Things!” claims that every single item in our home sends us silent messages and this is true!

The chandelier in the living room is a reminder that one of the light bulbs should have been replaced a long time ago, the soap in the bathroom reminds you that it will soon run out, and you will need to buy a new one, a new jacket tells you that now you need new shoes also…and so on. The more things you have, the more thoughts they generate.

Now imagine what happens if there are plenty of things that are randomly placed everywhere, the brain gets tired of this amount of data and “freezes”. It becomes unable to be focused on one task.

Psychologists from Princeton University conducted a study in which they showed various visual goals to volunteers, the results of this study were measured with special equipment. The study indicated that people who are surrounded by minimum observable noise are much more successful in concentrating, it also proved that visual noise makes people more distracted.
Eating behavior
Another argument in favor of order is that it directly affects our eating behavior. Conversely, untidiness and clutter in an environment can cause a tendency to eat unhealthy foods and overeating.

The results of a study conducted by scientists from two major U.S. universities → proved that in a messy kitchen, people eat twice as much as in a tidy kitchen. This led to the conclusion that the mess in a house can cause stress, which prompts you to urgently “seize” it with something tasty (most often, something unhealthy). Voilà! A few extra pounds appear on the scales and a new pimple on the face.
Physical health
Harmony and order in the surrounding space not only makes us calmer and more collected, but also causes a natural desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Copyright: Radu Marcusu, Unsplash
Scientists from Indiana University conducted a study, in which, 998 people took part. It was published on the Science Daily website and proved that order in the house causes a natural desire to maintain your physical health. The desire to start doing sports, gymnastics, and yoga does not actually arise “out of thin air”. In fact, our consciousness simply encourages us to take the next step on the pyramid of needs. It brings us closer to our higher goals.

To crown it all, sometimes the transformation of chaos into a stable order can be done almost without “victims”. You do not have to throw all your things in the trash and immediately go shop for new ones. Author of the bestseller “Sparks of Joy” Marie Kondo, claims that throwing things out is not the goal, the main point is to consider life as a place surrounded by things you love and arrange everything so that it does not get lost in the black hole of disorder…

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